Anathan Theatre

  • Words Words Words

    Written by Nikolai Gogol and directed by Dr. Monica Anderson, this satirical farce tells the story of a corrupt small town run by a greedy mayor and his comrades. The town panics at the news that a government inspector is on his way from the capital. Hilarity ensues when the townsfolk display their greed and stupidity by confusing a low-level official with the real inspector.

  • Blind Date

    Directed by Michael Lamontagne, Blind Date is a romantic comedy turned on its head, a hilarious take on courtship and marriage.

  • The Act of Living

    Directed by Cameron Kofalt, The Act of Living is filled with both lighthearted and comedic moments as well as deeply emotional and meaningful ones. It brings laughter, tears, and a positive message.

  • Eurydice

    Directed by Ilona Ludanyi, Eurydice is a heart-rending tragedy that explores the importance of love and human connection.

  • Brilliant Traces

    Directed by Thomas Bodoh, Brilliant Traces is a dramatic, comical, and wonder-filled piece that will leave you awed by the beauty of human connection and the consequences of cooking somebody else’s shoes.

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