The Miracle Worker

Nominated for several awards upon its Broadway premiere in 1959, THE MIRACLE WORKER is the true story of the early relationship between deaf-blind prodigy Helen Keller, and her life-long teacher and friend, Annie Sullivan. When young Helen’s ferocity escalates beyond control, her family recruits the help of Annie Sullivan, a twenty-year-old half-blind Irish student, as a last resort before institutionalizing their daughter.

The Visit

THE VISIT defies easy categorization. Often called a tragicomedy, it is both darkly funny and disturbingly ominous. It tells the story of a down and out town that must choose between the millions offered to it by a now-wealthy former citizen, Claire Zachanassian, and the life of the town’s most popular citizen on whose head Claire has placed a bounty.

The Comedy of Errors

Unlike some of Shakespeare’s later comedies, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS is a full-fledged farce with a great deal of slapstick humor. Directed by Professor John H. Walker, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS is an early piece by Shakespeare based on the ancient Roman comedy, THE MENAECHME by Plautus. It follows the story of two sets of twin boys and their parents who were separated from each other in a shipwreck at sea and rescued by fishermen from different cities.

The Crucible

The small community of Salem, MA is rocked when a group of young girls accuse many of the town’s citizens of practicing witchcraft. Trials ensue and the accused who will not admit to being witches are hanged. This play is a story of group hysteria and communal culpability, of the injustice that results when power and personal profit combine.